How to get Nurtec ODT

Getting Nurtec ODT
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230+ million people can now get Nurtec ODT through their health insurance§—and that number's growing every day! Getting Nurtec ODT is easy. Just talk to a doctor to see if it's right for you.

§Based on Managed Markets Insights
& Technology LLC as of 5/1/21

Nurtec ODT

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Now you can get Nurtec ODT through telemedicine!

We've partnered with , a telemedicine company focused entirely on migraine.
Cove can connect you with an independent, licensed healthcare provider who will manage your migraine care and help you get Nurtec ODT if appropriate. Eligible patients with commercial insurance can still use their $0 copay card with Cove. See full Terms and Conditions

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Cove is available to most people in the US (roughly 90% of the population). As telemedicine regulations vary from state to state, visit to see if Cove operates in your state.

I signed up for the Cove network and received a prescription for Nurtec ODT by my Cove doctor. Cove also helped me fill out prior authorization forms.

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Let Nurtec OneSource handle all of your needs — including home prescription
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