10 things to talk to your doctor about

If you're still looking for the migraine treatment plan that's appropriate for you, it's time to talk to your doctor, whether in-person or through telemedicine.

Discuss your answers to these 10 questions with your doctor to help establish your treatment goals:

  1. Am I satisfied with my current migraine treatment?
  2. How many days per month do I experience migraine pain?
  3. How long does the pain last and how intense is it? Have my migraine attacks changed over the past 3-6 months?
  4. What symptoms do I experience before and during a migraine attack?
  5. What factors or events (e.g. food, stress, menstrual cycle, light, high altitude, lack of sleep, etc.) seem to trigger my migraine attacks?
  6. What over-the-counter or prescription medications have I taken for migraine in the past?
  7. Does anyone in my family experience migraine attacks?
  8. Is one 8-pack of Nurtec ODT per month enough for me?
  9. What is the process to get a two 8-pack prescription of Nurtec ODT?
  10. Am I able to use my copay card to save on two 8-packs?

Giving your doctor a clear picture of your migraine experiences — including any current treatments — can help them determine whether Nurtec ODT is right for you.

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