6 things to talk to your doctor about

If you're still looking for the migraine treatment plan that's appropriate for you, it's time to talk to your doctor, whether in person or through telemedicine.

Discuss your answers to these 6 questions with your doctor to help establish your treatment goals:

  1. How many days per month do you experience migraine pain?
  2. How long does the pain last and how intense is it?
  3. What symptoms do you experience before and during a migraine attack?
  4. What factors or events seem to trigger your migraine attacks?
  5. What over-the-counter or prescription medications have you taken for migraine in the past?
  6. Does anyone else in your family experience migraine attacks?

Giving your doctor a clear picture of your migraine experiences — including any current treatments — can help them determine whether Nurtec® ODT (rimegepant) 75 mg is a good option for you.

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