Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Nurtec ODT can treat or
my migraine pain. I'm
so excited that I’ve found
something that works for me.

Ellie W

Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

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These are real patients who are taking or have taken Nurtec ODT. Individual results may vary. Statements were accurate at the time of publication and may have since changed.

In a study of people who either took Nurtec ODT or placebo to treat their migraine attacks, 21% (142/669) of Nurtec ODT patients experienced pain freedom at 2 hours compared to 11% (74/682) for placebo, and 35% (235/669) experienced freedom from their most bothersome symptom (selected from light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, or nausea) at 2 hours compared to 27% (183/682) for placebo. These benefits were sustained through 48 hours for some people.
In a study of people who either took Nurtec ODT (348 people) or placebo (347 people) to prevent their migraine attacks, people taking Nurtec ODT experienced a greater reduction in mean monthly migraine days (MMDs) during weeks 9-12 (4.3 fewer MMDs for Nurtec ODT compared to 3.5 fewer MMDs for placebo).

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*Based on a survey of 3004 acute patients by EngagedMedia™ RxSurveyor™ 09/29/20 - 04/30/21.