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Migraine Triggers

down common migraine triggers

I used to avoid doing certain things because I wouldn’t want to trigger a migraine attack. But then I found Nurtec ODT.

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Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Khloé Kardashian, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

What are migraine triggers?

Migraine triggers are what can cause a migraine attack. How a person with migraine is triggered is unique to them. 

This is why it's important to identify what may cause a migraine, as well as track them when they happen.

Common triggers for migraine

There are several types of migraine triggers, as well as situations that can cause a migraine attack. Triggers can be predictable if you know what can cause an attack. Yet, you may not be able to avoid them. Here are some common migraine triggers:


Stress leading up to and during travel, change in diet due to limited food options, sleep disruption and weather pressure changes can combine to cause a migraine attack.


Up to 75% of people who menstruate find they experience migraine attacks around their period — otherwise known as "menstrual migraine."


Prolonged screen time, anxiety, coffee or caffeinated tea and your commute to work could spark a migraine attack.


Staying up late at a party with bright lights and loud music, while consuming alcohol can contribute to a migraine attack being triggered.

Get ahead of your migraine triggers or treat them head on, with the help of Nurtec ODT — the only medication proven to treat & prevent, all in one.

Manage your migraine triggers

Talk to your doctor today about treating your migraine & preventing future migraine attacks with Nurtec ODT.

Weather and barometric changes are ranked as the #1 unavoidable migraine triggers. An increase in temperature and sunshine levels, and changes in humidity, air pollution levels and atmosphere air pressure, all contribute to a possible migraine attack. Even lightning can strike an attack.

By keeping on top of the weather forecast and using Nurtec ODT to treat & prevent, all in one, you can get back control of your weather triggered migraine attacks.

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