Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Ellie W

Actual Nurtec ODT patient

Ellie’s Migraine Story

“Nurtec ODT gives me the flexibility to treat or prevent my migraine attacks, so I can handle migraine treatment my way.”

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Ellie W's Nurtec ODT commercial

Ellie stays hopeful with
Nurtec ODT

My junior year of high school, migraine took over my life. I would get migraine attacks so often it became who I was. It was a nightmare. Then, I found Nurtec ODT in college and it helped me treat them so I could get back to my normal life.

Migraine was the boss

When migraine took over my life, it made me feel like everything I've ever worked for was going down the drain. I was considering not even going to college.

I lost a lot of friends because of migraine. I'd have to skip out on functions and going out. My family had to revolve their whole lives around my migraine attacks, too.

My mom brought me to multiple doctors' appointments to help find the right treatment plan for me.


Treating my migraine attacks has helped me:

  • Pursue my physician assistant career
  • Be a present daughter, sister & friend
  • Enjoy yoga, spin & running
Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Living life again

Nurtec ODT treats my migraine attacks and helps me get back to my normal self. I can hang out with my friends and family, and I don't have to worry as much about getting a migraine attack when working on my homework assignments. Any time I have a stressful exam or my period is coming up, I know I have Nurtec ODT in case of a migraine attack.

I feel like I have more control over my migraine treatment. I can’t wait to start my career and see what the future holds.

Ellie W, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient
I know if I get a migraine attack, I can take my Nurtec ODT to help me get back to my normal activities. I can hang out with my friends and family.
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