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Migraine Story

"The migraine pain relief I get with Nurtec ODT gave me my life back."

Greg P's Nurtec ODT commercial

Greg P
Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Greg P, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

How Greg won a different kind of battle

I joined the army in 1993 and later became a Green Beret, serving seven tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. And during my deployments, I suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to concussions from multiple explosions.

As a result of the TBI, I started experiencing frequent migraine attacks. They've plagued me for years. I had a hard time keeping everything together.

With Nurtec ODT, I can stop today's migraine or prevent tomorrow's

Migraines followed me home

I always used to avoid migraine triggers like light and noise. It got so bad that I curled up in my dark closet and blocked everything out — even my kids. I would exclude myself from my family. I was barely functioning. It felt hopeless. I had no control.

Nurtec ODT helps me feel like myself:

  • Being present and having fun with family
  • Running a nonprofit for other Green Berets
  • Enjoying the outdoors, from hiking and camping to kayaking and fishing

Finally finding the right treatment for me

I spent a lot of time trying to find the right migraine treatment. But then I found Nurtec ODT and it works for me.

The migraine pain relief I get with Nurtec ODT gave me my life back. It's the only medication that can treat or prevent my migraines. Now, I'm not so irritable. I have a choice of how I'm going to feel each day. And when I feel like myself, I can do so much more. My children enjoy being around me and we do more things as a family.

Greg P, Actual Nurtec ODT Patient

Helping others like me connect with their families

My experience inspired me to start a nonprofit for other Green Berets. At , we help active‑duty Green Berets reconnect with their families post‑deployment.

We want to help them create a stress‑free environment at home. And I can use my lessons that I've learned to help them.

When I feel like myself, I can do so much more.

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As of 5/6/22.

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